Sick Deception

UPDATE: After a few email messages were sent to the parents’ superiors and colleagues, the Glaros political ad was pulled.  (Their current values and religious posts do not “jive” – to use Obama’s lingo – with their support of Hillary.)


It’s extremely disturbing to see activist-parents in Columbus using their disabled daughter to attack Donald Trump in a political commercial.  One could almost see the puppeteer’s strings attached to little Grace’s arms.

The mother and political science major from UC Davis, Lauren Taylor-Glaros, had no problem with Obama mocking the entire disabled community with his joke about the Special Olympics in 2009.  However, she was incensed when Trump struck back at a single and specific reporter who was spreading lies about him.  (She currently works as a Social Studies teacher at Worthington Kilbourne High School.)

The father, Christopher Glaros (614-668-2310), worked with Attorney General Richard Cordray, and for Bill Clinton under Eric Holder and George Stephanopoulos.  His ties to these controversial politicians occurred long before the sickening commercial, so their feigned-indignation over Trump wasn’t as spontaneous as their handlers would have us believe.

Did they really believe their background and ideology could remain hidden?  The Washington D.C. legal mind of Christopher Glaros ultimately led him to work for OSU, where he authored the The Glaros Report – the flawed report written to cover the band director’s sex scandal.

Grace was diagnosed en utero with Spina Bifida.  At first glance, one could admire her parents’ decision to let her live.  One wonders, though, if Grace will ever know how her parents attempted to help Hillary Clinton provide future abortions of disabled children.

When Grace’s father claimed he could see Donald Trump’s “soul” and “heart,” I wished Grace was an adult like me.  I have the ability to repel any exploitation of my disability.